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Product Development Life Cycle Stages at Jarvisbits

At Jarvisbitz, the product development life cycle stages revolve around six main phases. This process is important when you are developing new apps. Knowing what needs to be done in the SDLC process can help product managers meet the entire team. It also helps you understand milestones and communicate progress to stakeholders. Let's jump!

Planning and Analysis

The first phase of the product development life cycle consists of the planning phase where you are gathering requirements from your customer or stakeholders and the requirements analysis phase where you determine the feasibility of making the product, the revenue potential, the cost of the product, the needs of the users, etc.


The original plan and vision are elaborated into the basic structure of the product, including system design, programming languages, templates, platforms to be used, and application security measures. This is where you can flowchart how the product reacts to user actions.


The actual development phase is where the development team turns product specifications and business requirements into code that builds the product. This SDLC phase can take a long time. It is important to have defined timelines and milestones so that the product developers understand the expectations and you can keep track of progress during these phases.


Before a product is taken to market, it's important for your quality assurance team to test it to make sure it's working properly and does what it's supposed to. The testing process can help eliminate any major user experience issues and security issues.


In the deployment phase, your product is distributed to your intended users. You can automate this process and schedule your deployments by type. For example, if you are deploying only one feature update, you can do it with a small number of users (a canary release). If you are building brand new product, you may want to learn more about the different phases of the Product Release Life Cycle.


If you are following the waterfall structure of the product development process, the maintenance phase is the last phase of the PDLC. However, the industry is moving towards a more agile product development approach where maintenance is just a stage for further improvement.

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Our product development service offerings

As a top product development company, we help you leverage our robust and end-to-end agile product development offering, which includes different categories to suit different enterprise preferences.


Prototype and MVP development

Being a leading custom product development company in US, our team of expert developers and engineers first identify and research the product requirements.


Product Architecture Design

We intelligently translate your ideas into real-time product features. Our expert product developers create innovative architecture layers and provide insights to bring competitive value to your enterprise product.


Product maintenance and support

Our support and maintenance team periodically upgrades and updates your product to meet current market trends with the help of third-party feature integration and seamless migration process.


Product development

Here, we use a range of development methodologies and techniques including Agile, DevOps, Waterfall, SCRUM and others. Our technicians use the best razor-edge technology and bring it to market.


Product testing

Testing experts at Custom Product Development Company in UK & USA follow industry-specific and stringent QA guidelines to perform verification, performance, load, smoke and UAT testing.


UI/UX designing

Here, at our offshore product development company in UK, we provide a well-defined UI/UX strategy to trace a seamless business product flow to meet the diverse needs of clients.

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