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What makes us unique?

We provide the most recent web 2.0 stack, resulting in a high-touch, high-performance, cross-device scalable architecture to increase consumer stickiness.

We adhere to industry standards and conventions to create service delivery methods and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that outline operating, reporting, and other activities throughout our complete cycle of product development.

Our software development team is committed to providing excellence by creating solution accelerators such as reusable frameworks and components to enable faster time-to-market.

Our expertise

Custom software that meets the demands of the business and aids in its growth is critical. Our highly qualified programmers can develop reliable, scalable, and high-performance solutions that can help you grow your company.

Web development

A personalized online solution makes it simpler and more effective to achieve company objectives. We can develop a reliable web application that works flawlessly, has all necessary product features, and provides a nice user experience.

Desktop development

Desktop applications aid in the management of a number of processes and provide more control over data. Our experts can construct a functional bespoke software solution that will run smoothly and provide genuine value to your company.

APIs integration

No system will provide spectacular results if it is performed in isolation. We can make various elements of your IT infrastructure operate nicely together by integrating APIs from different vendors.

Database integration

Database integration facilitates the flow of enterprise-wide information while also ensuring its correctness. We can aggregate and consolidate data from several sources to make it available across a variety of software applications.

Delivery management

Our staff can not only design a good bespoke software solution, but also manage its development process. We'll be in contact with you on a frequent basis to ensure that we're on the right track, and you'll be able to check on project progress at any time.

Product Development Services

How Your Idea Becomes a Reality

Each software product needs a distinct methodology. Nonetheless, there are several fundamental phases that are shared by the majority of full-cycle product development projects.


Initiation & Discovery

At this point, we'll lay the groundwork for future collaboration, go further into the idea of your unique software solution, and create a product design. This stage comprises the following elements:
• Identification of your needs and expectations
• Estimation of time and budget
• Defining your priorities and writing specifications
• UX/UI designing
• Team allocation


Development & QA

This is the core development stage of the whole process when your idea actually becomes a real product. It includes:
• Front-end development
• Back-end development
• Project reporting
• Request modification
• Testing and bug fixing


Delivery & Release

The delivery stage is the last step of the custom software development process, during which our team offers the finished product to the customer. It addresses:
• Setup of the environment
• Code/database migration
• Final check of the performance
• Transfer of documentation


Post-Release Support

We can guarantee that your unique software remains operational and relevant by providing the required technical support after its release. Post-release support is a stage of a product's life cycle that includes the following:
• Monitoring of the performance
• Server maintenance
• Troubleshooting
• Updates & upgrades

Collaboration Process

To collaborate with us, you don't need to know lean startup. Jarvisbitz will help you build a web product from start to finish. Iterations, testing, and strategy are all supported by our skilled teams. Here's How we do it:

Our development teams are completely immersed in the lean startup methodology. This idea is applied to all of our goods, even internal ones. We also attend frequent training sessions and seminars to further our understanding of lean startup and product development.

We will get in touch you after you have contacted Jarvisbitz to discuss your company requirements. We will request as much information about your product concept as possible so that we can begin constructing a unique solution tailored to your requirements and choose team members to assist you in building the product. Following that, you will get a proposal from our team explaining a preliminary strategy and the solution we suggest for your product within 3 - 5 working days.

During this point, you will meet the complete product team in person at product workshops. Depending on your unique instance, we will provide a range of approaches for getting to know your product vision, defining the strategy, and developing product-building strategies; for example:
• Business Canvas
• Product Cancas • User Story Mapping • Impact Mapping • Event Storming

The Jarvisbitz team will advise you on the optimal method to delivering the product within the lean startup approach as a consequence of these sessions. Our teams operate under the agile framework, thus the scope of the job is variable and based on your requirements throughout the development process.

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1303, Shivalik Shilp, Iskcon Cross Rd, Ahmedabad 380015, INDIA

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