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Why go with Jarvisbitz for your next desktop app development?

Jarvisbitz is a home to experienced and certified engineers who are destined to deliver highly efficient desktop apps to startups, MSEs and Enterprises. Our team is integrated with quality coders, creative UI and UX designers and accurate testers to build attractive applications with maintainable and secure code.

Custom desktop applications

Jarvisbitz has acquired considerable expertise in developing desktop applications for Windows, Linux and macOS platforms. These include various add-ins for Adobe (Acrobat, InDesign, and Illustrator) and extensions for Microsoft Office, as well as various plugins for many Internet browsers.

Well-structured architecture

We build well-structured architecture for your desktop application including custom plugins, scripting, custom DSL as well as for encryption software.

Intuitive system extensions

We have experience in developing innovative and user-friendly system extensions and add-ins for Skype, Outlook, Adobe Acrobat, InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and QuarkXPress. Besides, we can also help you to create extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Apache Libraries and Grails implementations.

Agile methods

We use agile as our core software development life-cycle model for projects. Experienced project managers and scrum masters will ensure that your project meets all your requirements, goals and milestones in an orderly manner.

Full service cycles

Jarvisbitz offers you the full cycle of services you need in one place, from inception to final product, to build applications of any complexity. Our desktop application development services include product requirements analysis, UI/UX design, development, QA, post deliver technical support and regular updates.

High quality for low price

Southeast Asia, especially India, is known as a leader in the IT sector. Our rates are at least 30% lower than prices in Europe or North America, so you can save money. You can use your savings for marketing, addition new features or on other projects.

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How We Do It?

Things we do for your desktop application development project

Our desktop application development skills can be your base for creating applications that will delight your customers with rich functionality, speed of work and user-friendly interface. We are a team of professionals who can build ground breaking desktop solutions from scratch, modernize your legacy solutions, create custom middleware for connectivity to your enterprise applications thus making your business processes agile and efficient.


Desktop application development

Our portfolio has experience in building box and license solutions for various platforms. With us, your next market winning product will be in good hands as we have all the in-house capabilities including analysts, architects, UX/UI experts, engineers and QA for success in such projects.


Research and development

Have a new idea that requires further research and development to find the right technical solution and implementation? We can help. Jarvisbitz has already achieved many technical achievements with sophisticated yet effective software and middleware for desktop platforms.


Desktop software modernization

Do you think your legacy applications are restricting company productivity or reducing user retention rates? An outdated software can put your business on risk, including security, stability and low productivity. Jarvisbitz can modernize old desktop software or retrofit it using the latest technology.


UWP application development

The Microsoft Store is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to make their software easily accessible for purchase by all Windows users. Jarvisbitz knows how to develop a UWP application from scratch or convert an existing solution to UWP format so that it can run on all Windows-compatible devices.


Desktop software integration

Proper data transfer and workflow functions in an enterprise IT environment are critical to the effectiveness of modern distributed systems. We are able to create a complex integration solution and make all your business solutions work efficiently and flawlessly as one system.


API development

Jarvisbitz provides API development services for existing software solutions to ensure better connectivity across various solutions and services. With all our past experience, we have gathered the knowledge needed to create APIs that will help your product become a part of any software ecosystem.

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