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What does a dedicated
development team mean?

In a dedicated team model, the client specifies the criteria for engineers to satisfy in order to be hired for a project, while we as the outsourced provider handle recruiting and administrative support.

Highly qualified developers

You can assemble a team of qualified engineers with the necessary knowledge and competence to successfully complete the project.

Full management control

You have the option to construct a team for your project that is already pre-vetted and prepared to begin work.

Complete involvement

As with in-house staff, your dedicated software engineers work entirely on your project, are familiar with its details, and are invested in its success.

Easy monitoring

You may easily follow the daily activity of the devoted staff by using various online tools or just contacting us at a suitable moment.

No burden of recruitment and HR management

We address all difficulties with the hiring of programmers. You have to worry neither about hiring nor about vacations, payroll, sick leaves, etc.

Modern infrastructure

We offer a professional software development team with all the resources necessary to complete a project successfully. You may be certain that engineers use high-quality equipment, which enables them to provide superior outcomes.

How does a dedicated team model work?

With a specialised team collaboration model, getting your project off the ground is as easy as following a few basic steps.

Step 1

Send your request

To locate developers for your development project, we need to understand your specific requirements.

Step 2

Get programmers’ CVs

Following an analysis of your request, we'll provide you the profiles of engineers whose experience and level of skill match your specifications.

Step 3

Interview candidates

Additionally, you may conduct personal interviews with developers who have already been verified by you to ensure they hold the relevant expertise.

Step 4

You’re all set-up!

Once we've assembled all engineers into a team, we'll sign a contract and you may begin working immediately!

What benefits you get with our dedicated team?

Hiring a dedicated team is the ideal solution for long-term projects requiring gradual and continuous growth. Additionally, it's an efficient technique to give a backup for your in-house programmers when they're overburdened with work or lack the necessary expertise.



You are not required to invest in the recruiting process, office space, equipment, or administrative and organisational functions.


Flexibility and scalability

You may simply grow a dedicated team to meet your project's requirements by hiring more developers.


Budget control and predictability

In advance, we'll agree on billing terms. Monthly payments will be computed depending on the amount of development hours spent on your project.


Quick project kick-off

Software developers may begin work on your project within a few weeks of receiving your request. You are not need to spend time on headhunting.



We will not conceal any information from you. You'll have daily contact with a specialised team and get frequent updates on the project's development.


Focused approach

External tasks will not divert a committed software development team. Its whole focus will be on your project.

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