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JarvisBitz brings better experiences to your target audience, in minimum time, cost and effort

The users are looking for innovative new ways to interact with businesses and get the most for their money. We build AR/VR development services that give an incredible twist to deliver an immersive customer experience and satisfy the next generation of users.

Customized VR Services

To provide personalized immersive solutions to meet the demands of the evolving digital space. Our spatially aware, cloud-based and cross-platform AR, VR and MR services enable 3D modelling, rendering, texturing, content development and systems integration. In short, our team of experts will create a custom solution precisely tailored to your unique needs.

VR App Development

A leader in designing reliable applications in AR VR technology from iOS, Android to head-mounted displays. Our focused technical capabilities and expertise in application development can transform the possibilities of your digital ecosystem.

VR Training Module Development

Significant ability to develop engaging and efficient training modules for your businesses across various verticals. Our innovative AR, VR development solutions provide convincing, realistic and in-depth training modules that meet user expectations.

Live and on-demand video streaming

Live 360° video streaming using the latest strategies and technologies for an intense and immersive viewing experience. We can easily provide a cross-platform end-to-end live video streaming SDK supporting multiple VR HMDs.

VR Game Development

We create HD Visuals along with interactive animations to boost up the ultimate gaming experiences. Our talented VR experts can provide robust solutions for a rich, seamless and exceptional gaming experience.

VR technology in social media

Providing new and comprehensive opportunities with the latest integration and interactive content in terms of user interests. Our practical solutions can expand the potential of social media platforms with the latest lenses, filters and effects.

How We Do It?

Benefits of Hiring our AR VR App Development Services

By partnering with top VR and AR development company like Jarvisbitz, you get the many benefits of introducing these advanced technologies into your traditional processes.


Agile approach

Our team has expertise in AR/VR development and is known for introducing the concept of agile, user-centric and scalable product development to the environment.


User-friendly VR

With this approach, we focus on delivering augmented and virtual reality experiences that not only delight your target user base, but also drive your core business goals and differentiate you from the rest.


Interactive Interface

Jarvisbitz creates interactive interface that is ideal to engage the users and take your VR app on next level.


Expert animators

Backed by our in-house artists and animators, Jarvisbtiz brings exciting virtual experience to your users, enabling them to witness surreal world.


Immersive experience

VR is not limited to entertainment! Our developers create advanced engineering, and architectural visualization, and even surgery training simulations with VR technology for an immersive experience.


Robust tech stack

We trust tools and platforms like Google AR core, Unity 3D and many other latest technologies to build successful AR and VR applications that offer exceptional experiences to all users.

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1303, Shivalik Shilp, Iskcon Cross Rd, Ahmedabad 380015, INDIA

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